Are Madeline Argy and Central Cee (real name Oakley Caesar-Su) back on? The TikTok star and London-based rapper first sparked dating rumors in September 2022, until Madeline confirmed their breakup one year later. However, they’ve since sparked reconciliation rumors! Keep reading for details on their on-and-off relationship.

Are Madeline Argy and Central Cee Still Dating?

It appears the pair have gotten back together, as they often post videos of one another on TikTok. On top of that, the two attended a Chelsea game together on December 16, 2023 — which Madeline also posted about on her social media.

Additionally, Oakley gifted Madeline a car for Christmas in 2023 — something that was also posted to her TikTok page.

When Did Madeline Argy and Central Cee Break Up?

Madeline, 23, and Oakley, 25, first began dating around September 2022. However, the social media star confirmed the two had been broken up for “a couple months” during an appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in September 2023.

During the episode, Madeline revealed that she “made the final call” to end their relationship, explaining that there “was a lot of back and forth” between the pair in a “toxic, fun way” for months.

She said they would “have that conversation” about why the relationship was no longer “fulfilling” for them and that they “were not happy,” but regardless, they’d just end up back where they started: together.

Madeline also put an end to speculation that their relationship was theorized to be a publicity stunt. “The thing that nobody actually believes is that it wasn’t PR. If it was PR I probably would’ve posted him more than three f—ing times,” she revealed. “We kept it secret for quite a while.”

Regardless, the two did not end on bad terms at the time. “It’s not really a bad breakup,” she further explained to Nylon Magazine in September 2023. “It’s more of a joyous situation for me.”

“From the get-go that [relationship] was private, and really that only went out publicly because people discovered it,” she revealed to the outlet. “I could have done more to squash it than I did. We posted that one video where we were together in my kitchen, which was intentional obviously. I think we wanted to play on it, and make it something funny, and be like, ‘Right. Here you go. Now shut up.’”

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