Madeline Argy is the newest member of the “Call Her Daddy” gang, and she revealed all (including juicy details about her dating life!) on the fourth season of the podcast — released in September 2023 — hosted by Alexander Cooper.

Keep reading for what she said about her dating life on the podcast episode which premiered on September 27, 2023.

Who Is Madeline Argy Dating?

Madeline was in a semi-public relationship with London-based rapper Central Cee, which began around September 2022. However, Madeline confirmed the two have been broken up for “a couple months” during the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in September 2023.

Why Did Madeline Argy and Central Cee Break Up?

During her “CHD” appearnace, Madeline revealed that she “made the final call” to end their relationship, explaining that there “was a lot of back and forth” between the pair in a “toxic, fun way” for months.

Regardless, the two are not on bad terms. “It’s not really a bad breakup,” she further explained to Nylon Magazine in September 2023. “It’s more of a joyous situation for me.”

“From the get-go that [relationship] was private, and really that only went out publicly because people discovered it,” she revealed to the outlet. “I could have done more to squash it than I did. We posted that one video where we were together in my kitchen, which was intentional obviously. I think we wanted to play on it, and make it something funny, and be like, ‘Right. Here you go. Now shut up.’”

When Does Madeline Argy’s Podcast ‘Pretty Lonesome’ Premiere?

Madeline explained to Nylon whether she’ll talk about her recent breakup on her new podcast, “Pretty Lonesome,” which premieres on October 2, 2023.

“Obviously there’s two people in a relationship, so it’s not just mine to sit and be like, ‘This happened,’” she explained. “I will talk about experiences, it’s tricky. When people catch on that a relationship is over, if I sit there and say, ‘Oh my ex this, my ex that,’ maybe I’m talking about an ex from three years ago. So, I need to watch my mouth a bit and specify. But there’s lessons to be learned in every situation, and I feel like it’s a shame to not talk about those. But it doesn’t mean that you have to shed a negative light on something that was good.”

ICYMI, Madeline signed onto the Unwell Network, a production company created by Alex Cooper and her fiance Matt Kaplan, in August 2023.

“With Alex, she’s had my best interest in mind, and she’s secretly looked out for me even when I didn’t know,” Madeline told the outlet of her new boss. “I feel like that’s such a signifier that someone actually has the right intention.”

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