From Camila Cabello to Sofia CarsonNicholas Galitzine has had some amazing leading ladies! So, does Nicholas have a leading partner in real life?

“It’s definitely hard,” the actor told v in an October 2023 interview about his dating life. “I mean, my last couple of girlfriends, I feel like we’ve had to go our separate ways essentially because of the travel. And it’s difficult. I mean, people who also work in the industry get it, but the job is definitely not conducive to nourishing relationships. And even with my family, it’s really difficult for them to not be able to see me as much as they’d like, because I’m constantly in different countries. I think you find out who the people are that you are really connected with; I’m one of these people who makes the effort to connect. Even if I’m on the other side of the world, if I care about someone, I take the time.”

Keep reading to discover his relationship history here.

Who Is Nicholas Galitzine?

Nicholas, 29, got his big break in 2021’s Cinderella as Prince Charming alongside costar Camila Cabello and 2022’s Purple Hearts with Sofia Carson. He’s also starred in Red, White & Royal Blue and will star alongside Anne Hathaway in the upcoming film The Idea of You.

Fun fact: Nicholas’ father Geoffrey Galitzine was born into a family of Russian princes — no wonder he keeps playing princes on the big screen!

“Playing a prince, in a lot of ways, for a lot of projects, I think, can be very one-dimensional,” the London native revealed to Flaunt Magazine in July 2021. “Funnily enough, I auditioned for another prince, right before Cinderella, and got all the way through the process, and kept thinking how I was trepidatious about it, because the character seemed to tread the same path as all of these other one-dimensional princes. I got right down to the director session, and it didn’t go my way. I called my agents and I said, ‘I just think I need to swear off of princes for a little bit, because it just didn’t feel very gratifying.’”

He described Prince Robert of Cinderella “much more multifaceted than his other princely contemporaries” and was eager to jump into the role. “For a lot of young actors, being a prince, it might on the outside seem, superficially, like a great thing. Creatively, though, it might feel kind of repressed, but it certainly was not that experience for me.”

Is Nicholas Galitzine Single?

Nicholas seemingly soft-launched a romantic relationship with an unidentified person in an Instagram Story posted on March 20, 2024, which included a photo of hands being held.

While it’s unclear who the mystery person in Nicholas’ life is, some fans on TikTok have speculated that it could be a model named Cameron Valentina.

Instagram/Nicholas Galitzine

Who Has Nicholas Galitzine Dated?

There have been many dating rumors between himself and his leading ladies, but for the most part, that just seems to be fans’ wishful thinking.

In an interview with Wonderland Magazine in July 2019, Nicholas revealed that he originally got into acting due to a crush on a girl. “I had a serious crush on a girl who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and she was one of the performers. I went through with [the event] so that I could pursue this girl.”

He continued, “And I came back with this acting agency.”

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