Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has done and said a lot of things on her television show that lots of viewers cringed over. From completely berating her young dancers because they didn’t point their toes or getting into physical fights with the moms – it was all supposedly part of the dance culture at the Abby Lee Dance Company.

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Now, as Abby faces a jail sentence after being charged with fraud, she’s speaking out about her past. She says she regrets everything. Not only that but also said in the clip of her final appearance on the series, “I don’t need one of them. I don’t need any of them.”

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Yikes. This is super upsetting considering the world thought these dancers were her life over the course of several years. In the promo, for the upcoming season, it seems like Abby is saying she doesn’t need the dancers, the moms and anyone who she’s dealt during production. Times have really changed and Abby might actually be leaving behind her old ways for good.

While she spends time behind bars, it will be a test to see which dancers and moms thrive and which ones really leaned on Abby all along.

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