She does it all! YouTube star Adelaine Morin first took a major step into the music industry in 2019 with the release of her single “Yellow.” Now, more than one year later, the vlogger officially dropped her debut EP Stages on Friday, October 16. With her six brand new songs, the internet sensation wanted to help girls find their “true, authentic self” with her music.

“The concept for my EP Stages was just the stages of getting over a breakup,” Adelaine told J-14 exclusively following the EP’s release. “I wanted a song for each stage of getting over a breakup. So I think that’s what makes it different from any single that I’ve ever done.”

Almost a year ago, Adelaine and her ex-boyfriend uploaded a tear-filled video in December 2019 announcing their breakup to fans. When writing the songs for Stages, she had to experience those emotions all over again.

“It was almost like a form of therapy for me, doing this EP … Facing your fears and facing what you’re dealing with is very therapeutic for me,” she explained. “It was definitely hard, especially for the more sad songs. They bring you back to a place that you don’t really want to remember being in. It’s cool because you get to almost turn your pain into art and turn something that’s awful into something beautiful.”

Before dropping her entire EP, Adelaine gave fans a taste of what they could expect to hear with her upbeat summer single “SPF 50.” The music video is a fun visual featuring her best girlfriends dancing as Adelaine sings about not going back to a toxic ex.

“With all of my music, and even with my music videos, I always want there to be some sort of element of girl empowerment and female empowerment,” she told J-14.

When it comes to her favorite line of lyrics from Stages, Adelaine mentioned the bridge in “I Love You & That’s Too Bad” because it “hits a spot in my heart.”

“Well it’s too bad / That I wasted my time / Focused on our problems when I could’ve fixed mine / And it’s too bad that you / You’re life has fallen through / ‘Cause I still remember when we were in love / Not just season titles as a way to cover up / Baby, do you remember when things were better? / Before we got comfortable being sad together,” the lyrics read.

Aside from her budding music career, Adelaine has a YouTube channel where she’s racked up over 2 million followers and has released a successful merch line featuring her slogan “Girls Supporting Girls.” As she continues growing her positive brand and continues to stay “vulnerable” online, Adelaine has dreams of writing a book and going on tour.

“One of the big reasons why I wanted to release music, not only do I really love making it, but I would love to go on tour,” she gushed. “I love meeting people. Yeah, I would love to go on tour.”

Adelaine’s debut EP Stages is out now!

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