K-Pop girl group aespa is finally dropping their first full-length album since making their debut in 2020. The 4-member group consists of leader KARINA, WINTER, NINGNING and GISELLE — keep reading for everything we know about their upcoming comeback, album, lead single and more.

When Does aespa’s ‘Armageddon’ Album Come Out?

The K-pop band shared a release schedule for Armageddon in April 2024, teasing that the release of their title track, “Supernova,” would be released on May 13. The group will release the full album on May 27.

The album will be aespa’s first release since their EP Drama in November 2023.

Their comeback comes several weeks after the group’s label, SM Entertainment, revealed that WINTER underwent preventive surgery in order to treat a collapsed lung.

In a statement posted on April 12, SM explained that the procedure was to treat a pneumorthorax, a condition in which air accumulates in the chest, applying pressure on the lungs and possibly leading to collapse.

“Winter is recovering from recent pneumothorax surgery,” the label stated. “As the disease is prone to recurrence, the decision was made as a preemptive measure based on the opinions of the medical staff after sufficient discussion.”

ICYMI, aespa is the first girl group to debut under SM Entertainment since Red Velvet in 2014. Debuting in 2020 with their hypnotizing, cyber-punk track “Black Mamba,” aespa has quickly risen to the top of K-pop girl groups.

The girls also have their own virtual avatars (or “æ”) that appear in their music videos, as well as an an entire virtual world called “KWANGYA,” which follows a digital realm that includes gripping, crime-fighting narratives. This “aespa universe,” is what grips so many of their fans, who are called MYs.

“To be completely honest, we weren’t exactly sure how the concept would pan out in the long run,” WINTER told UpRoxx in March 2023.”Especially how long and how big it would pan out in the future. But at the same time, we appreciated the refreshing and unfamiliar concept.”

KARINA added, “It was very unfamiliar and hard to understand just as it was for the entire public.”

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