Okay, After! What started as a fan fiction now has its own movie universe. The saga, which started on screen as a Netflix series with After, After We Collided and After We Fell, has announced its fourth installment, After Happy Ever, which will premiere on September 7. Not only that, but a prequel following Hardin pre-Tessa and a spinoff with Hessa’s kids have also been confirmed.

Castille Landon, director of the After We Fell and After Ever After, spoke of her excitement for the new films to Teen Vogue in April 2021. “The After universe just keeps expanding,” she said. “The fandom, and how excited they are and their input, it really does inspire us all as creators every single day.”

The movies have a dedicated fan base, as it was based off a Harry Styles fan fiction novel of the same name published in 2014 by Anna Todd. Anna sat down with Refinery19 following the first movie’s release in April 2019 to talk about those dedicated fans.

“I love making them [fans] mad and having characters do things they don’t want them to do,” joked the author. “I love getting angry emails, angry DMs. With the movie, I have a whole new readership. Now they’re at the angry part. Now, they’re emailing me, ‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ They’re so mad. There are all these new Wattpad [fan fiction website] comments.”

Now with the movies expanding, it’s difficult to pinpoint why fans are still, after all these years, so obsessed with Hardin and Tessa’s love story — Anna has a theory, though.

“It’s the intensity,” said Anna. “A lot of times in romance, characters get their happy endings so quickly. They meet, they have one conflict, they get it resolved, book’s over. They’re married, happy ever after. With Tessa and Hardin, even as a writer, I didn’t know if they were going to end up together. It’s up and down. I’ve had readers tell me it’s way more realistic, especially the older ones. They say this is much more like first love or first heartbreak than we typically see in books or movies.”

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