Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy Perez in HBO’s Euphoria, is easily one of the most fashionable actresses right now. The actress has shown off some very unique looks on the red carpet since her rise to fame. Keep reading to see some of our favorites!

When speaking to In Style in November 2019, Alexa said some of her favorite fashion looks come straight out of the ’90s, since that’s what her mom loved. The Waves actress also explained she favors “timeless” styles rather than trendy looks, as she’s always thrifted her clothes and thrown different brands together in her ensembles.

“I love timeless. I don’t like trendy looks. I sometimes prefer to wear no name designers or vintage stuff over a new trendy designer that everyone’s wearing,” she explained. “I think something that’s timeless that you can also wear 20 years ago or 20 years later, I’m just drawn to those pieces.  I don’t want to go out and just get the brand that everyone’s wearing.”

And not only is Alexa herself extremely fashionable, so is her character Maddy in the HBO show. Several Maddy looks have gone viral on social media and inspired countless Halloween costumes. Some of those iconic looks are all thanks to Alexa, as she helps pick out a lot of her character’s outfits.

“This season, playing Maddy felt a lot different than playing her season one,” the HBO actress told Vogue in January 2022. “I was really hands-on this season again with the costumes, the makeup because I think that plays an incredibly important part in the way that it feels and in the way that I portray her. So I’m grateful that I get to do it.”

Along with acting, Alexa has also expressed an interest in other areas of expertise such as music, directing and writing.

“I’m a musician, and I love fashion. And I want to direct and write my own stuff. There are so many other parts of me,” she told Who What Wear in 2019. “So now that’s becoming my reality where I can take an idea to any producer and have them be excited to make it, that part feels good.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Alexa’s best looks on the red carpet.

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