As a web star, Alissa Violet is used to having her personal life be something her fans are invested in. And if you've heard her name before, then you know about all the drama that was and is still currently surrounding her very complicated relationship with Jake Paul.

Although she's no longer dating the controversial YouTuber and isn't a member of his Team 10 anymore, since she's happily dating FaZe Banks and Jake is with Erika Costell, they still somehow end up tangled in each other's drama. This time, it's Alissa and FaZe's actions that have everyone a bit worried since it stems back to her messy past with Jake. Basically, Alissa took to Twitter to share what she decided was a funny video of her messing around, play-fighting with FaZe. In the end of the clip, he ends up grabbing her sweatshirt and hitting her face before she walks away sad. He then follows her looking sad too, since he feels bad for hurting her.

OK, now this "funny" video is problematic for a few reasons. FaZe is currently in the midst of clearing his name/dealing with lingering drama after Jake and his crew said FaZe assaulted a Team 10 assistant Megan while they were all out at the same club. FaZe has maintained his innocence and while both Alissa and Jake weren't at the club when this supposed altercation went down, they have each stuck with their very different sides of the same story. Alissa then explained in a video she made with FaZe talking about the situation that Jake was not only emotionally and mentally abusive to her during their relationship, but he physically hurt her too. This just seems like terrible timing to make a video joking about any type of abuse in any way, since Alissa says she was, unfortunately, a victim of this behavior and FaZe is doing all he can to make sure everyone knows he didn't do what Jake and Team 10 are saying he did.

Fans were a bit worried to see this and Alissa then shared a follow-up tweet and video, letting everyone know the couple is happy and in love and they were just joking around not being serious at all.

Now while this is all fine and dandy, it's important to note that at the end of the day, any type of violence should never be condoned, even if it's just "joking around." This is can turn into something more serious very quickly. Given Alissa's past, it's clear she knows what the signs of an abusive relationship are now and she's made it clear time and again that is not the case at all with her current love Banks. So maybe they realized this wasn't all that funny and moving forward, let's hope they'll be more conscious of these funny videos they film.

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