Earlier today Justin Bieber tweeted video footage of his friend Flo falling off a Segway, with the caption "No more Segway rides for Flo. We got the surveillance footage. Ha." We think it's safe to say that no one has as much Segway swag as Justin. We've collected 10 GIFs that'll help you understand Justin's attachment to the souped up two-wheeler — they go way back!

We're imaging Justin utilized the Segway for practical reasons at first, like to get lunch…


And to please his fans while in a rush…


He even tried teaching his friends how to ride one.


Eventually though, we imagine Justin got bored, so he started trying to do tricks, like riding it backwards…


Yeah, he got pretty good at riding a Segway backwards.


Then he moved on to more challenging maneuvers, like spinning in circles…


And riding two at the same time.


He even learned how to use one while sitting down.


Eventually he learned he could use it to pick up girls.


And now he's very territorial when it comes to his Segway.


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