There's less than a month until Andi Mack Season 2 begins on Disney Channel. Are you caught up? Andi Mack Season 1 was a legit roller coaster of emotion, starting with the big reveal in the first episode that Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee)'s "older sister" Bex (Lilan Bowden) is actually her biological mom, and her "mom" is really her grandmother. The last season ended with a huge cliffhanger and we're dying to find out what happened. In honor of the new season, let's go over some of Andi Mack's most memorable moments! Seriously, we're already crying.

Episode 1: That moment when Bex tells Andi she is her real mother — not her older sister.

andi mack 1

In the first episode, Bex tells Andi, "Do you think that you're not in here? You are," before pulling out a photo of her in the hospital holding a little baby Andi. It reveals to the middle schooler that the woman she thought was her sister was actually her mom! Now, Andi's whole world begins to turn upside down – starting with a brand new dad.

Episode 7: Remember when Andi and Bowie spent the entire day together?

andi mack 2

Otherwise known as: "We're gonna have the best father-daughter day ever!" Andi gets to leave school early and spend some time with her adventurous and fun-loving dad, Bowie Quinn (Trent Garrett). They film stuff for his vlog and he teaches her all about his alternative-fuel car. It’s the perfect distraction from all the drama with Andi’s crush, Jonah Beck (Asher Dov Angel).

Episode 8: When Bowie showed Andi the final video there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

andi mack 3

After Bowie basically follows her around with a camera for two days, Andi was starting to get super annoyed. But Bowie swooped in with this super sweet video montage expressing his love for his new found daughter. He says "I've only known her two days, but I honestly can't remember what my life was like without her." Major feels over here.

Episode 10: Andi calling Bex her mom for the very first time.

andi mack 4

"Being there felt like old times. But it's new times now, and this is my home… and you're my mom," Andi tells Bex. She may miss her old life, but there’s so many exciting and new things happening with her real mom. This ridiculously cute moment will go down in Andi Mack history.

Episode 12: Then, Andi realizes her parents are meant to be together.

andi mack 5

Bowie sings "You girl, make me weak and make me strong, how'd I ever get along without you, girl" to Bex, proving to just about everyone that the two of them are the perfect couple. Well, everyone except Bex. She's gonna take a little bit more convincing before she can let herself fall in love with Bowie again. But don't worry, Andi's got a plan and Bowie has a ring! Will he propose to Bex in season two?

An engagement is exactly the type of drama we'd love to see on season two of Andi Mack! If you're not already caught up with the first season, stop what you're doing and catch the show on the Disney Now app. New episodes of Andi Mack return to Disney Channel on October 27, 2017 — and you won't want to miss a single second.

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