She’s a woman now, she wears a bra! Remember Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging? Of course you do, it’s probably one of the greatest films of all time -a true classic. And it’s nearly ten years old!!! As well as providing the best Halloween costume inspo of all time (stuffed olive, anyone?), we learnt a LOT from Georgia Nicholson and The Ace Gang – like never to give a pal a four for her nose.

It also gave us the snogging scale, which came in very handy when our mum refused to leave the room as we tried to divulge all the sordid (PG) details of our latest hook up with our mates. Basically, we’ve got a lot to thank Georgia for.

So, we were delighted when we saw actress Georgia Groome making an appearance on Sunday Brunch last weekend. And she’s all grown up. Georgia appeared on the show with Michael Socha to promote their new film Double Date – a "horror comedy" about a guy who gets seduced by two scary but beautiful women as part of a sacrifice.

"It was fairly low budget," Georgia explained. "So not very long [to film]. It was about five weeks."

angus thongs georgia now

Georgia also spoke about her time filming Angus, Thongs but didn’t have particularly great things to say about it, tbh.

"It was like a playground," Georgia said. "I wouldn't necessarily go back – it was a lot of kissing…They were gonna do [a sequel] at the time, but I don't think anybody really would have done it. Angus was nice, but I don't think a second one would have been worth it, so we were quite glad we didn't have to go back."

EUGH. That’s so beyond the valley of Sad City.

This post was written by Ruby Norris. It originally appeared on our sister site heat world.

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