The Twilight series may have wrapped up, but we'll keep talking about the vampire movie series probably forever. Before Anna Kendrick was Anna Kendrick, she played Jessica in the films. Everyone asks her about starring in the franchise, and the actress admits that the set was the "weirdest" one ever while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

"They are just rife with stories. It was the weirdest set I've ever been on. I ended up devoting — because stories just kept coming out — an entire chapter [of my book] to just Twilight," she said.

Anna revealed that her favorite "favorite day of filming a movie maybe ever" was when she had to pretend to be dead for one of Bella's dream sequences.

"All of these characters were in white and we got in this line and there's this guy that's like the fake blood guy. He's got this hose that looks like a plant mister and there's this line of characters, like we're at the DMV, so normal and casual," she said.

"Each one of us getting lined up and getting sprayed down with fake blood by this mister and then climbing on top of a pile and laying there with our eyes open…I was like 'oooh, this is my job!'"

That certainly sounds crazy! Given the fact that Twilight is a series about vampires, it makes sense that the set is wild and fantastical.

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