Since July 2021, the entire Twilight Saga has been available for streaming via Netflix, and fans are discovering some famous faces throughout the five films.

It’s no secret that the vampire and werewolf film series — based on a series of books by Stephanie Meyer — starred Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, Elizabeth ReaserJackson RathboneAshley Greene and Kellan Lutz, among others, but some other actors got their start as supporting roles in the movies.

Anna Kendrick, for one, went on to appear in the Pitch Perfect franchise but before her breakout role, she played Jessica Stanley in all the Twilight films. When looking back at her film career with Vanity Fair in June 2020, the actress recalled “bonding” with her fellow stars.

“The first movie we filmed in Portland, Oregon, and I just remember being so cold and miserable, and I just remember my Converse being completely soaked through and feeling like, ‘You know, this is a really great group of people, and I’m sure that we would be friends in a different time, but I want to murder everyone,’” she shared at the time. “Although it was also kind of bonding. There was something about it that was like, you go through some trauma event. Like, you imagine people who survive a hostage situation, and you’re kind of bonded for life.”

She continued, “The second movie, the weather wasn’t quite as intense and that’s, sort of, I think where we all got to know each other a little bit better.”

Of course, Anna also joked about only being present for one scene in Breaking Dawn – Part 1. “I get to come in and work for a week or two, and everyone else has been giving their blood, sweat and tears to the project for months. I show up at the end and I’m like, ‘Guys, we did it. It’s over,'” she recalled.

Disney Channel star Booboo Stewart also got his start as Seth Clearwater in the Twilight movies before nabbing a role in the Descendants franchise. “I was 16 years old [when we made the movie] and they had to cut my hair short,” the actor explained when appearing on YouTube’s “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback” in March 2020. “Honestly the whole era of my life was very crazy, very interesting.”

Even though it’s been years since the movie’s premiered, Booboo also said he’s still close with his former costars. “I actually just worked with Julia [Jones] on Westworld,” he said. “Every time I’m in New York I always hang out with Chaske [Spencer], he lives in New York.”

These two aren’t the only notable names that popped up in the Twilight films. Scroll through our gallery to uncover which stars you forgot appears in the franchise. 

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