Whether you’re Team Edward, Team Jacob or just plain Switzerland, Twilight fans are getting the ultimate binge-worthy TV show to sink their teeth into. Since the famous vampire-werewolf romance saga will be adapted into an upcoming series, OG Twi-hards are dying to know all the details about the project. 

Keep reading to find out everything we know about the upcoming Twilight series! 

Is the ‘Twilight’ TV Show Going to Be Animated?

According to Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns, the Twilight show will, in fact, be animated.

“We’re going to go out with the Twilight series, an animated series, I think there’ll be a lot of interest in that,” he said during a Q&A at the Morgan Stanley media conference, per Deadline.

When Is the ‘Twilight’ TV Show Release Date? 

Although a release date is currently unknown, The Twilight Saga series is in early development, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The outlet reported that the show does not have a confirmed platform or a screenwriter yet. However, Lionsgate Television has control over the rights to the franchise. There is also no projected timeframe for when potential buyers can look into the production, as the studio intends to hone in on hiring a writer first. 

Who Will Be in the ‘Twilight’ TV Series Cast? 

Since it’s still in pre-production, there are no cast details about the upcoming show. 

The original cast of the movies includes Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale), Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanley) and several more well-known celebrities. 

Will ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Produce the Show? 

Author Stephenie Meyer is reported to be involved in the small-screen adaptation of her books, which were published throughout the early 2000s. 

Should The Host writer be given a say in the the show, fans won’t be surprised since she coproduced the two final installments in the film franchise, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2

Team Edward or Jacob? What We Know About the 'Twilight’ TV Series: Release Date, Cast, More 

Will the Original ‘Twilight Saga’ Stars Reprise Their Roles? 

A handful of the original cast has spoken out about potentially reprising their roles, such as Peter Facinelli, who portrayed Cullen clan leader, Carlisle Cullen. 

“I love that character,” he told People in September 2020. “[He’s] so much fun to play, and that world is fun,” adding that he would reprise his role “in a heartbeat” if he were given the opportunity. “I poured a lot into that movie,” Peter added to the outlet. “When you give it over to an audience, you never know how they’re gonna respond, but it’s been a great response.”

Ashley has also addressed the future of the Twilight franchise. In typical Alice psychic fashion, the Bombshell cast member told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022 that the films should be adapted into a show. 

“I think, honestly, there is so much backstory with all these characters too, that you could 100 percent do a series and not necessarily have to do a remake,” the “Twilight Effect” podcast host explained. “I think there’s still so much fascination behind, and around, these characters.”

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