Anna Kendrick is revealing all sorts of interesting tidbits from her first autobiography, Scrappy Little Nobody, which is being released on November 15th. Earlier this week, Anna even confessed to her first heartbreak, which she wrote about in her book, as being "hideously embarrassing."

Once the Pitch Perfect star came clean about that sad chapter in her life, it was only a matter of time before all of her fans became increasingly curious about what else the normally sweet and hilarious singer would admit to in her book too.

And now she's coughing up to her first on screen kiss and all of the humiliating details that go along with it. When E! News caught up to the actress to get her to dish about some of her firsts experiences in showbiz, Anna admitted that she didn't have her first on-screen kiss until she was 19!

About the experience, which happened during the movie Rocket Science, Anna admitted, "I kissed a boy who was 15 or 16 so I felt pretty creepy."

Awww Anna, I think we can all sympathize with having an awkward or creepy experience with a guy – it's just that, lucky for us, we've never had to have it recorded for all the world to see! LOL.

Seriously though, the fact that Anna feels super comfortable and confident in sharing this kind of embarrassing info only proves to show how far Anna has come in her career and how much of a star she is now!

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