Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin are two of the most sought after models of the moment and it's easy to see why. Seriously, have you looked at them? They're both too beautiful, it kind of hurts to stare at them for too long. They just so happened to recently work together for an upcoming campaign and well, now we're totally shipping this pair. There's some major proof out there that perfectly highlights why these two really need to start dating already.

Both Cam and Hailey were just in Spain, shooting for the prestigious fashion brand, Carolina Herrera. And while they were on set together, it seems like the two really hit it off. Cam took to Instagram to share a selfie of the pair, along with model Taylor Hill in-between takes of the photo shoot.

cameron dallas hailey baldwin selfie

They looked rather cozy in a car together while heading to a filming location too.

The Chasing Cameron star then followed the supermodel on Instagram, and he only follows a select group of people. It's a total of 83 accounts in case you were wondering.

cameron dallas hailey baldwin instagram

Now that means something! They're obviously just friends right now, but these two would make one stunningly gorgeous pair. Just look at them hugging in this group shot at the House of Herrera party.

cameron dallas hailey baldwin hugging

Their cozy, super-cute, Polaroid game is already strong too.

cameron dallas hailey baldwin polaroid

Cameron was rumored to be dating Sofia Richie, another model who just so happens to be Justin Bieber's most recent ex-girlfriend. But both stars have shut down that idea, insisting they're just friends. Interestingly enough, Hailey famously dated the Biebs too, so perhaps Cam and the "Love Yourself" singer like to hang out with the same type: stunning beauties who are super successful. But who can blame them?

Although there isn't any actual proof that there is anything romantic going on between Cameron and Hailey, this could easily be the start of something new. The Internet star has admitted to only being in one serious relationship, so maybe Hailey would be the next big love his life. If they do end up officially dating, we're going to go ahead and say we saw it coming, so just putting that out there.

What do you think about Cameron and Hailey? Think they'll ever date? Do you ship them? Tell us in the comments section below!

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