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Can you guess which question Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse get asked most often? Even though it's over five years after their Disney Channel franchise has wrapped, we have a feeling that it's still something along the lines of, "wait, which twin played Zack, and which played Cody?" – an honestly unforgivable question for any of us The Suite Life of Zack & Cody super fans out there. (Honestly, it is 2017, please try to keep up.) And how do we know that the guys are a little tired of getting the same question in their social media messages? Because they are totally spoofing us all on their Twitter accounts right now.

It all started when Dylan tweeted out a link to an entirely Cole-less YouTube video that poses the big question, how would life at the Tipton be different if his character Zack Martin actually didn't have a twin? Dylan jokingly (?) replied, "finally getting the recognition I deserve."

Well, Cole decided to troll the fans who can't tell apart the brothers by asking his brother directly which role he even played.

Dylan replied that he couldn't answer that question since he was too busy single-handedly making the show a huge success.

Ahh, so clearly they're not really fighting with one another, but what's more savage than the playful sick burns between brothers?


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