Back and better than ever! Dylan Sprouse took a break from the acting world following his Disney Channel days, but the former Suite Life of Zack and Cody star has since returned and jumped right back into various roles.

“I think, back then, when I was a child doing it, as many child actors do, you were kind of pushed into it by your parents in a lot of ways or the industry around you, because you were so young. It’s the same way they tell you to go to school, I was going to work,” he explained while appearing on Today in April 2023. “So, I think there was a point in my life where I asked myself, ‘Is this something that I actually love to do? Or is this something that I was pushed into?’ And I discovered, during my time away at college, that I do actually love to.”

His first major acting role back in front of the camera came in 2018 as Nick in the movie Banana Split.

“We both always knew that it would be a thing that we would do again,” Dylan told Interview Magazine, referring to himself and his twin brother, Cole Sprouse. “I think that the part that was most nerve-wracking was not getting back into acting, but auditioning again. Auditioning sucks!”

It seems he’s since figured it out because Dylan has become known as Trevor in the After film series and kicked off his role as Travis Maddox in the Beautiful Disaster film franchise. When discussing his character, Travis, the actor got real about the “major challenge” he faced in the role.

“This was translating from a book that was written quite a while ago, and I think the social sentiment behind a character like that has changed quite drastically in the modern day. We were walking a fine line between trying to make him lovable and independent but not neuter him at the same time, and make him still a kind of particular guy,” Dylan explained to ScreenRant. “We played a lot with that. [Director] Roger Kumble, [costar] Virginia Gardner, myself [and] all of the cast and crew played a lot with that. I think we ended up finding a good place for it, so I’m happy with what we ended up making, but it took a village.”

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of all Dylan’s roles since his Disney Channel days. 

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