In case you missed it, #Jebby is back in action. Yes, Debby Ryan and Josh Dun are oh so in love again and it’s literally too freakin cute. Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Debby confirmed she and Twenty One Pilots drummer are back on, and although she wouldn’t divulge too many details, what she did share proves they’re happier than ever.

“I’m in love and very happy. We’ve evolved and grown so much in our careers, in the relationship, as people since we first met,” she said. “It’s cool and special to have that support system and we are each other’s biggest fans.”

Umm, crying forever. Debby and Josh dated years ago and quietly broke up in 2014, with Debby confirming in 2015 that was single. But in 2016, they reignited rumors they might be back together after they were spotted together at a holiday party. Music producer John Feldmann threw a Christmas party and the pair posed for plenty of pics together.

He shared the Instagram photo with the caption, “The Xmas crew. @travisbarker @rivers_cuomo @debbyryan @joshuadun ?☃️❄️.”

How cute! They both were caught posting similar things on their Snapchat stories during the party too, like a performance by 5 Seconds of Summer’s Calum Hood.

They even wore matching Christmas hats, which is something you only do with someone you really care about, right?

Fans were totally into the couple reuniting, tweeting their support for the rekindling of the Jebby romance.

It was unclear at the time if they were just friends but now, they’ve realized they were each other’s one true love all along and it’s everything. In June of 2018, Deb took to Instagram to share the most precious pic of the pair on their first ever date in honor of Josh’s birthday. “hbd, boy. thanks for learning how to tie a bowtie for our first date and everything we’ve figured out together since. you were only 24 here, before I dyed your hair and you taught me love,” she wrote in the caption. 

What’s meant to be, will be is the saying, right? And Debby and Josh are proof of that. Precious.

Check out more of Debby and Josh’s throwback pics in the gallery below!

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