Cameron Dallas and Hailey Baldwin were spotted hanging out together again and naturally, just about everyone is shipping this beautiful pair. The social media star and supermodel might not be officially dating quite yet, but a few lucky fans stumbled upon the duo as they grabbed some lunch, basically proving why these two need to just date already.

A few lucky fans spotted Cam and Hailey while they were out in Los Angeles and spent some time chatting with the duo.

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These girls were able to snap some amazing photos too, and the results basically show us what Cameron and Hailey's family could look like one day. (OK, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but this pic is super cute.)

Rumors that sparks started flying between the pair began earlier in the month when they seemed to really hit it off in Spain when they both modeled in prestigious fashion brand Carolina Herrera's new campaign. Since then, they've publicly hung out a few more times together and have followed each other on Instagram, which you know means they're officially friends. Cameron doesn't follow too many people on the app, only a mere 84 compared to his 18.8 million followers, and his mom Gina, follows the starlet now too. In fact, Cam and Gina both like Hailey's most recent photo. And yes, she looks absolutely stunning.

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Although Cameron has gone on the record saying he's only had one serious relationship, he was last linked to model Sofia Richie. Both Sofia and Cam have said they're simply just friends and have no interest in dating each other.

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It is interesting to note though that Sofia's ex-boyfriend is none other than Justin Bieber, who dated Hailey before his brief fling with Sofia. We know, bit of a small circle out in Hollywood it seems! Hailey hasn't publicly dated anyone since her split from the Biebs either, so maybe Cameron will be the one to win her heart. They would make one gorgeous pair and they seem to already be such good friends. And what better what to start off a romantic relationship than with a strong friendship? We're here for it.

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