Ryan Newman and Pierson Fode have both been in high profile relationships. Ryan dated Jack Griffo for a super long time and Pierson dated Victoria Justice. Now they are both single and fans are convinced that there's more than just a friendly connection between the two!

Let's break it down.

Ryan and Pierson have been pals for awhile. Back in April, Pierson even attended Ryan's 18th birthday and they were caught having a blast in the Photo Booth together. But now, there's some serious flirting going on.

While we're still quite unclear as to why these two were on a photo shoot together, Pierson's caption says it all. He wrote, "Attraction is only intense when mystery is involved ?."

Whoa! Just look at the way he is staring at her. Of course, Ryan is gorgeous but it doesn't seem like he's acting. And that caption raises all sorts of questions. Is he trying to say that there's a mystery behind Ryan that he can't figure out and that's what is making him like her even more? Or is the mystery something that's being withheld from the world?

Ryan posted this same photo with the caption, "it's not polite to stare @piersonfode."

Her message is giddy, playful yet provides just the right amount of sass. Hmmm…we're not convinced that they are official yet. But, the chemistry seems to be mounting! Fingers crossed these two give us more clues soon!

Do you think they are dating? Let us know in the comments below!

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