If anyone knows how to write hits about ex-boyfriends, it's Taylor Swift. After getting Ed Sheeran to follow in her footsteps with his revealing song "Don't," it looks like she's trying to talk her BFF Selena Gomez into doing the same!

According to The Sun's source, "Taylor's been encouraging Selena [to] write down her feelings and emotions, and record."

But record about who, you ask? None other than her ex, Justin Bieber! The source claims Taylor has been there for Selena throughout her entire on-again, off-again relationship with the Biebs and evidently wants to write music with Selena about her experiences dating him.

"Taylor's had Selena's back through all this," the source continued. "I wouldn't be surprised if they recorded together."

Do you think Selena and Taylor are going to record music about Justin? Leave a comment below!

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