Zayn Malik thought it was a good time to completely shatter our One Direction loving hearts when he casually mentioned that he was never close with Harry Styles and today, they’re not really friends. Like at all. In the slightest.

“To be honest, I never really spoke to Harry even when I was in the band. So I didn’t really expect that much of a relationship with him,” Zayn said. Umm, okay then Z. Way to just lay it all out there, no sugar coating. Well, we know that like any relationship, Harry and Zayn’s has changed and evolved over the years and while it’s sad to know they’re not the best of buds anymore, we simply refuse to believe they were ever not friends. Like they never spoke, ever during all those years making music and traveling the world together? We beg to differ and are taking a bit of a trip down memory lane to look back on happier Zarry times. Because it did happen. We remember it all.

The had laughs together.

zayn and harry laughing

They found something funny and shared a chuckle. Only do that with your buds.

They were never afraid of a little PDA.

We all know the gem that is the “Kiss You” video where Harry planted a little kiss on Z’s cheek…

harry kisses zayn

And Zayn returned the favor, laying a smooch on Harry’s cheek.

zayn kisses harry

They even rode a motorcycle together.

zayn and harry motorcycle

OK, I know it was just in the video so they weren’t actually moving and there was a green-screen behind them but still, it was a precious Zarry moment.

They were dance buddies.

It’s no secret Zayn is not a dancer by any means. The dancing he had to do during the X Factor auditions was traumatizing enough that it made him almost quit the show long before 1D was even a thing yet. But there was one person he danced with: Harry.

harry and zayn dancing 1

They even had a signature move.

zayn and harry 1d day


Zayn even complimented Harry.

He was always impressed by Hazza’s maturity level, since he is the youngest 1D guy.

zayn harry quote

And there was that time he showed his love for Harry via a very sweet tweet.

zayn and harry tweet

So maybe Harry wrote this himself and it’s obvious it was a joke but still, it’s out there forever. That means something.

The chemistry they had in “Best Song Ever” will go down in history.

The “BSE” video is one of the great treasures we are all forever grateful One Direction gave us, especially since Zayn transformed into a woman named Veronica who happens to catch Harry’s eye. The one scene you already know what I’m talking about is iconic:

veronica and harry

And they, of course, danced together too.

zayn and harry best song ever

So for Veronica and fictional version of Harry Styles’ sake, can we all please never let go of these memories and cling on to the fact that in our hearts, we know Harry and Zayn had some sort of friendship? What they experienced together along with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne is something only the five of them will ever understand and that is enough to keep them bonded for life, whether they like it or not.

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