We freaked out when we first heard that one of the tracks on Ariana Grande's album My Everything was written by Harry Styles, but we had no clue Ariana almost refused to record it! In an interview with Heat magazine, Ariana confessed that she almost didn't record "Just A Little Bit of My Heart" because she was too intimidated by the One Direction singer's demo.

When asked whether she felt pressure recording a song written by Harry, Ariana said, "No, I was more intimidated because he recorded a demo for me so I could learn the song. I was like, "I don't know if I wanna touch this song.'"

This isn't too surprising, because we already knew Harry's track made Ariana burst into tears the first time she heard it. We're just glad that she decided to record the song. It's so beautiful!

However, we're super-curious about what Harry's original demo sounds like. We never thought Ariana and Harry's voices sounded that similar, so it's probably way different than Ariana's version. We're dying to hear it.

Do you want to hear Harry's rendition of the song? Do you think Harry and Ariana should duet? Sound off in the comments!

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