It truly is never a dull moment when Ariana Grande, that’s for sure! The songstress took to Instagram to let her fans know that she somehow hurt herself and her hand was bleeding, leading to her now rocking a bandage. Ouch, girl!

So here’s what we know: Ari was filming with the one and only James Corden for what is going to be an epic carpool karaoke session for an upcoming episode of The Late Late Show when she somehow hurt herself. She took to her IG stories to share a video where she is “bleeding n smiling,” as she explained, “Well Mr. Corden, today is off to a wild start.”

ariana grande hand injury
Instagram Stories

Hey, if anyone can make a bandage look stylish though, it’s Ariana. She posted a follow-up selfie, showing us all that she’s doing just fine, despite the injury. She also shared the pic on Twiter and wrote, “but i LOVE my bandage it looks sick @JKCorden i’ll be ok one day.” So yeah, she’s all into this look now, LOL. 

ariana grande injured
Instagram Stories

So this leaves us with the burning question, what happened? The “No Tears Left to Cry” singer didn’t elaborate on what exactly went down, but she did reply to a fan who asked, basically saying it was something totally silly she accidentally did that led her to this sudden hand injury.

ariana grande hand tweet

And we’re going to see it, so perhaps it was all caught on camera since she did spend the time filming with James. Well, we’ll eventually get the full story behind this injury, and as long as she’s fine, that’s what matters most. Now, can we just focus on the fact that her carpool karaoke session is literally going to be so epic?! And clearly things get intense, so overall, this is something to look forward to. An upside to this saga.

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