Last night Ariana Grande and her fans were the targets of a malicious act carried out by individuals of hate. After the "Dangerous Woman" singer finished her performance at the Manchester Arena in England, she exited the stage. Her fans started exiting the arena as well only to face an explosion outside the venue.

22 innocent concertgoers have passed away due to the attacks and 59 are still considered injured. Not only that but several other children and teens are missing as they have been separated from their parents. The event turned into a nightmare. But, even with as much as hate this attack came with, love outweighed it.

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Celebrities from all over the world, in different time zones, working on different things, seeing different people stopped what they were doing a took a moment to send their love and prayers to Ariana and all of the victims. Everyone from Harry Styles to Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj expressed their heartfelt condolences. In the wake of such a horrible experience, social media had the power to bring some positivity and light into the world.

It was social media that spread the love last night and today.

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Of course, scores of Ariana's fans and Twitter users acknowledged the attacks as well. However, these celebrities have a platform to speak to millions of people at once. It's heartwarming to see that so many of them used their voice to express condolences and prayers for peace during this time of tragedy. While their messages cannot fix what happened, it's a little bit of comfort knowing that the music community as a whole is coming together.

Click through the gallery and read the beautiful messages all of your favorite celebrities sent to Ariana, her team, the people of Manchester and the victims.

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