Today, Arianators will band together like never before.

After Ariana Grande finished her incredible performance at the Manchester Arena in England last night, fans were happy that they just danced, laughed, and sang with their idol all night long. Then, the mood changed. Loud noises were heard, chaos ensued, and people started running.

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Police are now confirming that a bomb had gone off in the arena just as people were exiting the show. The explosion occurred in a public space and was not actually inside the venue. 22 people have passed away due to the explosion and another 59 people are injured. It’s a truly a horrific situation. Celebrities around the world have offered their condolences and love for Ariana, her team, her fans, and the people of Manchester. Things like this should not happen in this world especially when individuals come together for the sole reason of their love for music.

Sometime after the attacks occurred, Ariana broke her silence on social media. She tweeted, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

Of course, this was not her fault, but as you can imagine, it’s never an easy thing for an artist to deal with the loss of their fans. Not only did she speak out, but her manager Scooter Braun did as well.

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He tweeted:

Victoria Monét, one of Ariana’s opening acts, released a statement and said, “I wish I could say that I am ok, but I am not. Safe? Yes, but heartbroken that loved ones who came to have the night of their lives ended up losing them. They weren’t safe. I will never understand this hate! This was supposed to be their safe place. I’m so hurt and frustrated I don’t know how to handle this and I can’t smile and I feel useless I’m sorry.”

It’s being reported that Ariana is “in hysterics” in the wake of the attacks. She has suspended the rest of the European leg of her tour. The “Dangerous Woman” singer was set to perform at the O2 Arena in London, then moving to Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

It’s being reported that Ariana took a private plane out of the U.K. shortly after the explosion occurred. Her, her mom and her dog flew to their hometown of Boca Raton, Florida where they were greeted by Ariana’s boyfriend, Mac Miller.

A source said, “They were met at the airport by Ariana’s boyfriend, Mac Miller. When Ariana got off the plane, Mac greeted her on the tarmac with a long hug followed by a kiss. Mac also gave Ariana’s mom a hug. It was a very emotional reunion and they stood talking for a minute before getting into the car. Ariana looked exhausted and like she didn’t get much sleep. She seemed like she just wanted to get home and be with her loved ones.”

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims’ family and friend,s as well as the people of Manchester, Ariana, her team, and her fans around the world who have been affected by this tragedy.

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