Tragedy struck Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour back in May 2017 when 22 people were killed as they exited the concert venue in Manchester. A suicide bomber decided to detonate a bomb taking the lives of dozens and injuring even more people. In the days and months following the attacks, everyone at the concert – whether they had lost a loved one or not – was affected by the situation. Now, the news is going viral about one of the survivors named Zara Ahmed. While she made it out of the Manchester arena alive that night, it’s being reported that she has suddenly passed away due to complications from battling diabetes. Zara was just 18 years old.

The Liverpool Echo is stating that Zara was attending the Liverpool John Moores University studying forensic science. It is believed that she died in her residence hall. Her family released a statement that read, “Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare and no amount of words can capture the loss and grief that Zara’s parents, Asefa and Kaleem are feeling at this moment. Zara was their first born child and from the moment she was born their mission was to make her the happiest and most loved child on earth. Of course the journey was never going to be easy. At the age of 11 months, Zara was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and so began a daily routine of insulin injections and careful management of a strictly controlled diet. Denied treats that most children take for granted, it was little wonder that Zara developed a love affair with food and boy, did that girl love food.”

The family went on to say, “Zara was loved universally, the numerous tributes left on her Facebook page capture far more clearly than anything else, her shining personality. Courageous, kind, considerate, bubbly, loving, goofy are just some of the words used to describe her. She was the first to hold her hand out to someone who needed it and her bad jokes and random chit-chat became her signature. Zara’s love of her friends was only surpassed by the love she held for her family.Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all held a special place in her heart.”

They even mentioned how the Manchester Attacks affected Zara. “She was always smiling and nothing made her happier than sitting back and singing along with her favorite singer, Ariana Grande. In May 2017 Zara was attending the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester arena when it was attacked by a suicide bomber. An evening of fun with friends had turned into a tragedy and Zara was deeply affected by that event. During a time of distress and fear Zara held onto her faith and never hid it from others.”

This situation is deeply tragic and our hearts go out to Zara’s family and friends. Ariana has yet to make a statement about her death, however, she has been very vocal about all of her fans affected by the Manchester Attacks whether they were physically harmed or not. She has paid tribute to the victims and to know that Zara still had so much love for the world and Ari after the attacks say a lot about who she was as a person. Zara’s family is requesting that any donations made in her memory should go towards Diabetes Research UK.

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