Austin Mahone may have just ended his relationship with Becky G, but now he's causing Camila Cabello trouble! Although he says that his time with the Fifth Harmony singer wasn't a "real" relationship, he just admitted that she was his girlfriend!

"I definitely did date her. I called her my girlfriend, so I guess she was my girlfriend," the "Dirty Work" singer said on the radio show Zach Sang and the Gang.

When Zach asked whether he asked her to be his girlfriend, Austin said, "Yes, I did."


The other host posed a question about knowing when it's the right time to ask someone to be your girlfriend, and the pop star says you just know when you know! (So, obviously, he must have gone through that thought process with Camila too.)

"I don't really know when the exact right time would be [to ask someone to be your girlfriend]. I guess whenever you feel the right time to ask someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, you just know. It's not like a certain time…you just gotta feel it," he said.

While we understand that he thinks of his relationship with Becky as his first "adult" relationship, we still don't know why he made those comments about Camila in the first place — especially if he's kind of backtracking now. He seems so confused about it!

What do you think about Austin's comments? Can you believer what he said? Let us know in the comments!

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