Let's face it, Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello were pretty freaking adorable together. They always seemed to have so much fun and really understood each other. It was just about three years ago that the "Havana" singer told KISS 96.1 that the pair had called it quits. She said, "We’re actually not together anymore." The reason behind the break-up is still quite unclear. Camila barely gave any details away when she said, "Hey, things happen." Regardless of what went down between them, Austin has no bad blood towards his ex-girlfriend. He actually still thinks she's incredibly gorgeous – because she is – and isn't afraid to talk about it.

After posting a screenshot to his Instagram story listening to Havana, he opened up to Seventeen magazine about Camila and her new successful solo hit. He said, "I did see the video of 'Havana.' I thought it was really cool. She did a little acting in there, which was dope. She looked really beautiful as well." Aww! This is so sweet. But, the compliments didn't stop there. Austin continued, "She’s really doing her thing right now and I’m very, very proud of her." What a cutie.

This isn't the first time the "Say Hi" singer has proven that he's on good terms with his exes. Austin actually surprised his audience while on tour back in June when he led Becky G on stage and the pair performed their track, "Rollin.'" Becky posted a video of the duo on Instagram with the caption, "SURPRISE LA! Got to perform "Rollin" with my friend @AustinMahone ? congrats on the end of the tour & shout out to the whole team & fans for welcoming with open arms."

There's no word on how much Austin really keeps in contact with Becky or Camila but he's obviously never stopped having total respect for both of them. Until he just recently opened up, his relationship with Camila was pretty vague. It's been years since the pair have publicly interacted so shippers can rest easy that there is definitely still love there – on Austin's end at least. Now we'll just be patiently waiting for Camila to respond back to her former flame.

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