If you've picked up the October/November issue of J-14, then you know Austin Mahone is no stranger to texting trauma. The heartthrob opened up to us about what a tough time he has expressing himself through text messages.

"I hate when I'm texting a girl and I look at [what I wrote] and realize it didn't come out right," he revealed exclusively to J-14. "I wish I could just take it back. But once I send a message, it's out there forever and I just think, 'Aw man, I just sounded so stupid.'"

Like most of us, Austin also has problems being patient when he's waiting for a reply to his message!

"When I text a girl and she doesn't text me back for 30 minutes or 45 minutes, it drives me nuts," he told us. "If I like a girl, I want her to text me back right away!"

Since the "What About Love" singer is on the road a lot and doesn't see his friends and crush every day, he takes texting pretty seriously. Earlier today he tweeted:

It sounds like Austin might have learned something from his previous texting mishaps!

Click through to see the exclusive advice he gave us for texting with your crush, then let us know in the comments what you wish you could text Austin!

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