Avan Jogia‘s iconic hair is officially gone. The actor, forever beloved for his role as Beck on Victorious, always had dark, long locks that were truly a gift to us all. Well, the actor has taken to Instagram to share a new selfie that left us all shook, since his head is now shaved and yes, that means his hair is a thing of the past.

avan jogia bald
Instagram, @jogia

Can you even handle it? He just dropped this v serious looking selfie on us and we weren’t prepared. Avan has been rocking shorter hair lately, but this fully-shaved, nearly bald look is something we haven’t seen from him. Literally everyone’s mood rn:

ariana grande bald

It’s unclear what drove Avan to this decision. Is it for an upcoming role? Or was he just ready for a change? He is 26 years old now, so perhaps he was just tired of the long locks and was ready for something new. And if you think we’re bring dramatic over here, we’re totally not. Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts, and they’re on the same page as us.

We feel these. But as one fan pointed out, he looks good no matter what.

SO TRUE. And hey if anything, we can see more of his pretty face – and he’s always out here looking handsome AF. We will miss his old style, but the good thing is that it’s hair. So yeah, it grows back. We can’t be sad for too long then, right?

In honor of Avan’s new ‘do, check out the gallery below filled with throwback GIFs that perfectly highlight his hair and how magical it was.

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