Recording artist, actress, and social media star Baby Ariel recently added author to her long list of titles! The megastar wrote and released her very first book, Dreaming Out Loud, which reveals personal stories, never-before-seen photos, advice, doodles, and just gives fans the inside scoop on her life. We caught up with the social media star and singer at Sims Camp 2018, where she teamed up with Sims 4 in celebration of the launch of their new extension pack, Get Famous.

In addition to spilling all about how much it meant to her to put everything out there for her fans to read, the “8 Letters” songstress also opened up about how some people in her life weren’t so thrilled to be included in the pages of her print debut.

“I had to text a few people and some people did not want their name in the book, and then some people – 90 percent of the people – were perfectly fine. But there were a few people that I had to – not twist the story – but take away some of the details that pointed to them at all because they didn’t want anybody to know it was them. So I had to change a few things, but most people were really fine,” she told us.

While Ariel is always open with her fans on social media, the stories in this book are ones that weren’t previously known to her followers.

“I really wanted to share everything. I was really excited to just be able to let everything out because on social media sometimes we don’t say everything we want to say,” Ariel explained. “So just being able to share everything and going through the emotions again and all the stories again – and saying, here you go, here is my entire growing up process, all of my sad times, my happy times. Being able to share was what I was most excited about.”

The 17-year-old star previously shared on Instagram, “These are my journal entries put into a novel with advice for you guys also. Some special lists – like my favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite books, favorite songs. And also some very, very personal stories that can be sad and how I got through those moments and how you guys can also get through moments like those, if you’re going through anything like that. And also some very happy moments. A lot of advice on boys, relationships, friends, parents, school, teachers… Everything in this book is real and raw, and I really hope you love it.”

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Now, we’ll just be over here waiting for her second book because we seriously need more!

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