The Backstreet Boys are back and larger than life.

These guys have been in the industry for over two decades, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about what it’s like trying to make a big in a world without social media. They sat down with Elle magazine and discussed how a place without Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook could really have its downfalls. But, then again, they mentioned how it made their lives more private and more fun!

The interview was super candid. They openly discuss how they feel like what they do on stage is pure entertainment from costume changes to dancing, which is all in addition to singing. They are nothing like the boy bands of today, and they want to make that clear. So, did they throw some major shade or just shed some light on how hard they had to work to become what the world knows as, The Backstreet Boys?

AJ McLean said, “But, the fame now—it’s like night and day. The other side of that which was different for us: Without social media, without YouTube, without instant access, we had to do everything grassroots. We had to do every interview, every radio show, every outlet. We had to go to every country—that was the only way to do it. There was no Instagram, or posting things on YouTube to get a record deal.”


Umm, was this at jab at Justin Bieber? He did get a record deal after Scooter Braun and Usher found him on YouTube. Of course, this quote could be a coincidence but that doesn’t stop BSB from bringing the Biebs up in others ways too.

Nick Carter referenced the “Sorry” singer when he talked about what would have happened if social media was around in their heyday. He said, “I’ll tell you this: There is some sh-t that AJ and I both did that I’m really glad that social media wasn’t around for. Because Justin Bieber couldn’t hold a candle to what we did.”

AJ chimed in, “We would have been like TMZ’s saving grace, bro…just anything from me being… irate at a club. Or me walking naked down the hallway in a hotel for no apparent reason.” OMG!

The guys held nothing back. They seemed super real and down to earth dudes which could be part of their success. Yet, they still chalk it up the entertainment factor that they possess. When the interviewer asks if a One Direction concert was boring for them, Howie Dorough answers this in the only way that he knows how.

He said, “The new wave of boy band says, ‘Oh, we don’t do what they do.’ But to be honest, to me, it’s not as entertaining. What we do is we truly entertain people. Music, staging, dancing, everything.”

Wow! Justin, 1D – watch your backs. The OG boy band is ready to take over the world once again.

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