Two best friends – Bailee Madison and Chloe Lukasiak – aren’t horsing around anymore.

Bailee and Chloe star in a new movie, A Cowgirl’s Story, that was just released on DVD April 18th and it’s brilliant. Not only does it touch on tough issues that many teens can relate to, such as having to deal with parents who are fighting and dying overseas, but it also has a layer of friendship, athleticism and a real bond with horses that is unforgettable.

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The movie follows the main character, Dusty Rhodes played by Bailee, who becomes friends with Savannah Stocker played by Chloe. Dusty’s mom is fighting in Afghanistan and Savannah’s dad was killed in Iraq three years prior to when the movie picks up. Dusty and her friends convince the school to start an equestrian drill team and hopefully, this can help them deal with the struggles in their personal lives.

With such a heavy plot line, the editors here at J-14 were wondering what it was like to do this film with a friend by your side. Bailee opened up about looking at audition tapes for weeks and weeks before she reached out to Chloe and her other pal Aidan Alexander.

She said, “But after like the three- or four-week mark, we weren’t quite finding our beloved characters yet. So I started thinking and reaching out to people who were close to me who I admired in the business. And along came Aidan [Alexander], along came Chloe [Lukasiak]. They happened to be my friends, but the friend hat was totally off, and at the end of the day, we wanted to find the best people for these roles. And I’m really proud of them, because I think they really were the best. The characters wouldn’t be who they were if they didn’t play them.”

She continued, “I think at the end of the day we were all there to work and to put our best work on the screen. When I did have a note, they were so kind and respectful, and so excited to take it, and share ideas with each other. It was a very collaborative and wonderful thing.”

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Aww! Not to mention, Chloe felt the same way about working with Bailee, too. She said even though she may have known Bailee in advance, everyone got super close super quick and the chemistry they had on screen was real!

Chloe explained, “I think they’ll [fans] definitely be able to tell that the relationship we have on camera is really just real. That chemistry we really have with each other and we all just became really close and we always had a lot of fun moments. We always tried to find time to have fun and enjoy what we were doing. And the fact that we were lucky enough to create a movie with some of our closest friends at that time.”

Aw! We love their friendship. Bailee, Chloe and the rest of the gang worked really hard on the whole thing and couldn’t help but celebrate together and watch the finished product all in one place.

Bailee said, ” I wanted to get the whole cast altogether because I was so proud of them, and everyone was in town. I thought it was really special to see it with everyone and congratulate them. We had a nice night together putting the movie on, and my heart is really grateful that I got to thank them for all that they did.”

A Cowgirl’s Story is out on DVD now and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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