Bebe Rexha and Louis Tomlinson are killing the game right now, but it's not the "Just Hold On" singer that Bebe feels like she can't compete with. It's his former bandmate, Harry Styles, and we're just like girl, same. I mean, who CAN compete with Harry? He's got the voice, the good looks and that European swagger that will make any girl weak in the knees. But, Bebe did a full on comparison between her and Hazza and yes, we're thinking the same thing you are. Does she feel like she can't compete with Harry because of his intense bond with Louis? LARRY SHIPPERS, get ready to rumble. We're about to break this whole thing down.

First of all, Bebe and Louis collaborated on the song "Back To You." Harry and Louis have been singing together for years. So, there's the first comparison and that's just one that we're making on our own. Does she think she's overstepping the Larry boundaries? Is Harry coming between Louis and Bebe's professional work? No, we're kidding, guys.

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Bebe then posted a message on her own Instagram story that said, "So currently there is a who wore it best between Be and Harry styles. Shall we begin?"


Then came these two sets of comparisons.



Bebe's conclusion? She wrote, "He is obviously way prettier than me. Harry wins."

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LOL. Okay, so obviously she's kidding around. But still, Bebe is owning up to the fact that she just will never be as pretty as Harry. We'd be willing to bet that Larry shippers believe Louis thinks the same but WE DIGRESS. It seems like everywhere Bebe goes she can't get One Direction out of her head. Literally, in a recent tweet, she claimed that the boys follow her everywhere.

Bebe posted a photo of the airplane seat 1D right across from her. She tweeted and said, "Follows me everywhere now."

Let's get one thing straight, this is all probably a joke. Bebe definitely isn't upset that she's being compared to Harry but it's funny to think about. The fact that Louis and Harry always seemed to have this secret connection – or so the fandom thought – is crazy now that Bebe is being compared to the "Sign of the Times" singer. One thing is for sure, Bebe might be the new girl collaborating with Louis but Harry will always be his bestie and no one can replace him.

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