Becky G is currently Fifth Harmony's opening act on tour and actually tried to save Dinah Jane Hansen from total embarrassment but unfortunately, it didn't work out. While 5H was doing their thang in Argentina, Becky actually ran out on stage with the Argentinian flag to wrap around Dinah because her costume had ripped open in the back. Becky was trying to be a good friend but security was not having it. They legitimately thought she was a fan trying to rush the stage and they pulled her bag, away from Dinah's ripped costume, as swiftly as they could.

To be fair, the security guards were just doing their jobs and Becky recognized that. With everything going on in the world today, we can't take chances, especially with celebrities. But, Becky ran out there with full confidence and the video is everything. Obviously, the Fifth Harmony girls know she's not a fan so they were V confused when she was hauled away. Their faces are freaking priceless.

Poor Becky! But, she was a really good sport about it and so was Dinah Jane. The girls tweeted back and forth at each other to let the world know that they've already gotten over the mishap. Becky wrote, "Now you know I'm your number one fan @dinahjane97 ❤????." Dinah then responded, "now I know who would save me ?xx ?muchos besos mama."

Their friendship is everything and it seems like all of the Fifth Harmony girls are getting super close with Becky now that they are on on the road together. Hopefully, after all of this, the security guards have gotten to know Becky's face and made a mental note that she's not a wild fan. She's just a girl trying to save her friend from showing some inappropriate skin to fans. Come on, security – do your homework! If this doesn't scream how loyal Becky is, we don't know what does!

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