Bella Hadid is joining the fragrance biz. The supermodel, 27, just launched her perfume, called Orebella — and it’s already going viral on social media for its gorgeous shapes, unique scents and it’s “shake to activate”! Keep reading for everything we know — including how Bella got it started.

Before unveiling the brand on March 30, 2024, Bella revealed on Instagram that Orebella has actually been nearly five years in the making.

The fragrance founder was inspired to design a perfume during quarantine in 2020, when she would visit her local health food store in Pennsylvania, where her family lives in a family farm. Buying natural ingredients and oils to test on her skin, her homemade concoctions would soon become the foundation of her new fragrance line.

On April 30, 2024, Bella Hadid officially launched Orebella, which includes three alcohol-free perfumes: Window2SoulSalted Muse and Blooming Fire.

“I never thought I’d put out a product,” Bella told Glamour. “There’s so many [products] out in the world, but it felt really kismet a couple years ago. We already make a lot of lavender oil on our farm, and I would get glycerin and different weird essential oils from our little health food store. I would make things, and they would smell really unique. If I wanted to add a little spiciness, I would add ginger and peppercorn, then I would add a little bit of lemon. Then all of a sudden I’m deep into this whole cycle of making all of these really interesting scents.”

She also said that the “shake to activate” concept is what “differentiates” her perfume from the rest of the products “that are out there right now.”

“The bi-phase formula — shake to activate—was a cool theory we thought of a couple years ago,” Bella explained. “Just being able to get out of the shower, lather it all over your body, or even going to sleep at night and to be able to put it on not only for yourself but for your significant other, and your skin feels amazing afterwards.”

During her interview with Glamour, the model also explained her toughest critics to impress was her mother Yolanda Hadid and sister Gigi Hadid!

“These are two tough critics,” she told the outlet. “But not even in a bad way. My mom doesn’t like super sweet things but does a more floral smell. And my sister loves Salted Muse and Blooming Fire. Blooming Fire at the end of the day was an ode to [Gigi]. One of her favorite places growing up was Tahiti, and she would go with her friends. She loved it there. What we have in Blooming Fire is this Tahitian Manoy flower, which is one of my favorite smells.”

The perfume brand will officially be available on May 2 at, and at Ulta Beauty stores across the U.S. beginning on May 12.

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