Scott Disick’s constant partying has been a storyline on Keeping Up With the Kardashians over the past several years. Kourtney Kardashian, whom he shares three children with, wasn’t down for it – and neither is Bella Thorne.

The Disney Channel alum was spotted flying out of LAX with the reality star bad boy to live it up in Cannes, France. Once they landed, the drama unfolded as they were caught canoodling on a day bed. But as quick as it started, it ended. Bella posted on social media that she was flying back home after only being in France for a day and a half. So, what went wrong? Finally, we’ve got some answers.

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Bella sat down with Complex magazine and said that she just wasn’t about the life he was living. The Famous in Love actress admitted that his drinking was just way too much for her. Not only that but she said that the photos of them getting handsy with each other were definitely taken out of context. Bella claims that Scott was just trying to help her fix her bathing suit which had started slipping off. She said he was actually doing the right thing instead of letting her sit there with a major wardrobe malfunction for all of the paparazzi to witness.

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Scott has yet to comment on Bella’s point of view but we have a feeling she’s telling the truth. Scott was always known for his wild behavior. Now that he and Kourtney have called it quits for good, we can’t imagine he will be calming down anytime soon.

Props to Bella for setting the record straight!

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