Bella Thorne, the former Disney Channel good girl, is officially bad boy Scott Disick's right-hand gal!

While this may seem like an unusual pair that would jet set to Cannes, France together, Scott and Bella have been caught hanging out in recent weeks. They were just seen grabbing dinner together at Catch LA before moving on to party at The Peppermint Club. It was reported that these two have known each other for a while and have run in the same circle of Hollywood hot shots. However, fans had no idea that a friendship could turn into a fling…or whatever it is they have going on.

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Both Bella and Scott have kept quiet about the status of their relationship but it's clear that they are getting close. Bella's sister, Dani Thorne, even accompanied them on the trip across the pond. So, are they dating? We're so not sure.

Scott's ex-girlfriend of 10 years, Kourtney Kardashian, has been getting cozy with a young, hot model named Younes Bendjima. It could be that Scott is trying to get back at her. Bella and Scott have a 15-year age gap between them and while they haven't been photographed cuddling up to each other just yet, we can't help but wonder if there is some romantic chemistry brewing between them.

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Scott is known to have flings with girls. If fans recall, that's the exact reason why Kourtney broke up with him in the first place. He was spotted canoodling with a younger woman who had one dated briefly. When Kourtney saw pictures of them together they had not yet split. Yes, talk about a messy situation.

Now, Scott is free to do whatever he likes and it seems like Bella is filling some sort of void for him. Whether or not it's romantic, they clearly like hanging out with each other. I mean, a flight to from Los Angles, California to Cannes, France isn't a short once. They must have something to talk about for all those hours.

Unless of course, he's just trying to find a responsible young woman to watch over his 3 kids while he's out of town. But, that's highly unlikely.

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Click through the gallery and check out the photos of Bella and Scott boarding the plane together!

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