One thing you have to love about Bella Thorne is that she always keeps it real. The actress never shies away from sharing intimate details of her life, from her first bikini wax to the colonoscopy she documented for all her fans. So when the starlet made out with her female friend Jo Leannee, she couldn’t resist posting a video of their kisses on Snapchat. It’s a no-holds-barred clip — they’re really going at it!

Bella has publicly kissed her friends before (even though they weren’t actually dating), so we can’t jump to conclusions. As far as we can tell, they’re just best friends. Remember when the Famous in Love star announced that she is bisexual by kissing another one of her BFFs, Bella Pendergast?

Recently, the former Disney Channel star made it clear that she’s never had a girlfriend before, but wants to date a girl. She’s previously revealed that she’s crushing on Dove Cameron and would love to go out with Kristen Stewart. Who knows who she’ll date next? Knowing Bella, she’ll keep us all in the loop!

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