For the past year, Bella Thorne has constantly made headlines for the different guys she was hanging out with. After her and Gregg Sulkin broke up, the actress was seen with numerous Hollywood heartthrobs one after the other. From Tyler Posey to Charlie Puth to Sam Pepper, it seemed like Bella was willing to do anything she could to find another steady relationship. Recently, she was slammed by reality star Savannah Chrisley for allegedly hanging out with her rumored boyfriend NBA star Chandler Parsons.

Of course, the actual relationship status between Bella and these guys has all been speculation. But, now, things are changing because Bella has actually confirmed that she hates not being in a relationship with someone.

The whole thing started last week when Bella tweeted, "When you talk to your ex all weekend and you're just like …??."


Fans were unsure what this all meant and the questions spilled in. Which ex-boyfriend was she exactly talking about? Bella seems to be on good terms with all of her exes. Could her and Gregg have maybe rekindled some sort of flame? Did Tyler come back into her life? Does she want to show the world that Charlie isn't the bad guy he was made out to be during their short fling? There's so much left to wonder here.

But, it didn't end there. Bella tweeted again yesterday about her love life and it seems like she's super antsy being single. She wrote, "I hate not being in a relationship."

She has never been one to leave anything up to the imagination which is what a lot of her fans love about her. Bella is super real and when she wants a boyfriend or wishes she was in a relationship – she's going to let everyone know about it.


However, some of her fans have taken to Twitter to respond to her relationship comment and they aren't totally shocked to hear that she feels this way.

bella thorne 2

bella thorne 3

Yet, there are others still hoping for that reunion between her and Gregg.

bella thorne 1

Whether or not Bella reveals which ex-boyfriend she was talking to all weekend or if she actually does find a guy to get into a relationship with, one thing is for sure – she's most likely been out of the dating game because of everything that went down during the Charlie saga.

Bella revealed in an interview that she received death threats after the photos of her kissing Charlie in Miami surfaced. She said that what people hadn't realized is that she wasn't cheating on Tyler because they had been broken up for weeks. Not only that but the whole thing blew up in her face on Twitter. Charlie took to social media to apologize to Tyler and indirectly slam Bella. Obviously, that didn't work in good favor for her either.

Relationships are super tough, especially relationships in the public eye. If Bella wants to be with someone, she deserves happiness. But, death threats and everything she went through wasn't cool. Here's to hoping she's smart about it all the next time she's ready to really commit to someone.


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