Known for her always on-point style and bubbly personality, YouTube sensation Bethany Mota has now proven that she can not only produce entertaining online videos, but also write a captivating full-length book.

Mota has gained millions of subscribers and fans who have been following her journey for years. She has been posting videos to YouTube for eight years now, and subscribers have watched her grow up from 13 to 21.

Mota’s first book Make Your Mind Up is available now and full of tips on life, love, and everything in between. The digital influencer writes DIYs, recipes, fashion advice, and a first-hand look at her life as an Internet star. She opens up about body image, confidence, and facing your fears.

Once you meet her, it’s clear why she is so well-loved and able to connect with her fans. J-14 interviewed the new author and talked about her inspiration for the book and all that she has learned through the two decades of her life.

Check out the video of our interview and get to know more about the hilarious and inspirational Bethany Mota.

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