We recently chatted with Bethany Mota while she was in NYC celebrating YouTube's 10th anniversary at the YT Fan Meet Up, and she revealed that she's working on new music! The Dancing With the Stars finalist released her first single "Need You Right Now" in October of last year, and she EXCLUSIVELY told us that she's changing up her a sound a bit more.


"I'm working on music… possibly an album," she tells us. "As of right now I only have a couple songs in the works. I released my single last year, but it was very pop sounding, and now I'm kind of changing my musical style a little bit. Making it more stripped down and a little bit more acoustic sounding.

"I've been writing with some friends of mine and I just recorded a song. So I'm really excited."

Wow! We love that the beauty guru is really focusing on perfecting her sound and developing her musical style. Even though it's hard to tell, Bethany told us that she's very out of her element when it comes to music, so it's been a learning experience for sure.

"It's kind of like a new world. I'm very unfamiliar with it, and that's what gets me excited. Diving into things that are so unfamiliar and being able to create something," she says. "The idea of a song not existing and then you writing it and making it a thing is amazing. So I'm just hoping that my audience really loves it."

We're sure Bethany has nothing to worry about. Her fans will support her no matter what!

Are you excited that Bethany plans to release an album? Did you love her first single? Let us know in the comments below.

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