After four albums and 74 episodes of their hit show,
Big Time Rush is calling it quits. Unfortunately for their Rushers, that means the show isn't the only thing coming to an end — their band is, too.

In the guys’ interview with The Huffington Post, they made sure everyone knew how proud they were of their accomplishments, but also made it very clear all good things must come to an end.

"Look, it’s one of the biggest hits — between the music and the show — that Nickelodeon's ever had. We’re proud of it and they’re proud of it, and I think it’s difficult for them to let it go," James Maslow said. "We do have opportunities to continue with them and continue with music we haven’t made decisions about yet."

Carlos Pena chimed in, saying, "And quite honestly, we’ve all known for five years that we’re ready for our individual careers."

No matter what happens with the band, they love their fans and just hope they'll support them no matter what choose they do.

"It’s sort of like a thin line to walk on, because we have a lot of fans who love Big Time Rush and we don’t want to ever disappoint them," Kendall Schmidt said. "We want them to be fans of individuals whenever we go and do our own things — which I think they are anyway."

UPDATE: Kendall called The Huffington Post to clarify what they said in the interview, which he thought was taken out of context. He said even though the show is ending, they still have music projects coming up and are "still very much a band."

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