LIAR LIAR9 of the Biggest Lies Celebrities Told to Get Roles

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Anne Hathaway lied about her horse-riding experience to get the role of Lureen Newsome Twist in Brokeback Mountain.

She had no idea how to ride a horse, so she lied about it. But then she landed the role and decided to teach herself how!

"When I left the audition, the last thing [the director] said was, ‘Oh, by the way, can you ride a horse?’ My parents have given me a lot of gifts in my life, and one of them is: If you’re ever asked if you can do anything, say yes. You can learn anything in two weeks if you’re motivated enough. So I’d never been on a horse, and I replied, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a really good rider.’ So I knew I had to learn to ride," she said.

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