Could these two get any more adorable?

Sources close to Bindi Irwin and her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, have revealed to Daily Mail that Chandler has moved in with Bindi, in their property that's actually part of Australia Zoo. BUT THAT ISN'T EVEN THE BEST PART!

Bindi and her family may be continuing their late father's legacy, but Chandler is actually set out to become the next Steve Irwin. He's being trained to take over the conservation side of the park.

"Bindi and Terri are so focused on the commercial side of things now, that their appearances with animals are just a publicity stunt. They don't even come to staff Christmas parties anymore," says one zookeeper.

"But Chandler's a different story. He's always in the wildlife hospital under everyone's elbows trying to learn everything he can. He's enthusiastic, and not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, just like Steve was.

"He's breathed new life back into Australia Zoo. He loves the marsupials but can't wait until he's experienced enough to handle snakes and crocs by himself."

Too cute.

Chandler lives in the house which you can see here, which even has four crocodiles in separate pens that the public isn't allowed to visit. Lol. Only this family would have pet crocodiles.

"Terri's hardly ever there anymore, she's always heading off in her helicopter and leaves the park in Chandler's capable hands.

"Him and Bindi love it when mum's away – it becomes their own private love nest. Bindi loves taking him out to the croc ponds by their house to teach him exactly what her dad taught her all those years ago."

As for the two getting married, Bindi is keeping her father's wish alive.

"Dad always said you can't date until you're 40 – and he has to be able to swim across our largest croc pond before he can go out with you!" she says.

"Bindi is very spiritual. She thinks Chandler is an angel – literally. She believes her dad sent him to her from beyond the grave," says an insider.


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The insider added, "It's hard to disagree with her. Chandler is practically Steve reincarnate, plus he worships the ground Bindi walks on. They're inseparable."


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