Celebrities may be known for living their lives under a microscope, but some stars have no qualms keeping their love life under wraps. Over the years, tons of couples kept their romances out of the public eye before revealing their relationship statuses with fans!

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, for example, have been together since May 2017 but never spoke about their relationship. In fact, it wasn’t until late 2020 when the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress even mentioned her boyfriend publicly. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor said Joe “absolutely” understands her lifestyle when discussing the song “Peace” from her Folklore record.

“‘Peace’ is actually more rooted in my personal life,” she shared in November 2002. “I, oftentimes, in my anxieties, can control how I am as a person and how normal I act and rationalize things, but I cannot control if there are 20 photographers outside in the bushes and what they do and if they follow our car and if they interrupt our lives. I can’t control if there’s going to be a fake weird headline about us in the news tomorrow.”

She continued, “I think that in knowing him and being in the relationship I am in now, I have definitely made decisions that have made my life feel more like real life and less like just a storyline to be commented on in tabloids. Whether that’s deciding where to live, who to hang out with, when to not take a picture — the idea of privacy feels so strange to try to explain, but it’s really just trying to find bits of normalcy.”

While Taylor didn’t mention her boyfriend by name in that particular interview, the musician shouted him out months later when accepting a Grammy Award in March 2021. “Joe, who is the first person that I play every single song that I write, and I had the best time writing songs with you in quarantine,” she said.

Similarly, Tom Holland and Zendaya denied their relationship publicly until photos of them locking lips surfaced online in July 2021. They’ve still managed to keep details of their romance out of the public eye and have not commented on their status as an apparent couple.

While Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have since called it quits, the Riverdale stars stayed quiet about their relationship for almost the entire time they were together. Of course, both actors shared an Instagram post here and there, but mostly, they were pretty secretive about their relationship.

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