The Black Eyed Peas frontman and Cheryl Cole have been friends for awhile, so it's no surprise that he's speaking up about her relationship with Liam Payne and future child.

Rumors have been running wild in recent weeks about the status of Cheryl's pregnancy. After she was seen in a L'Oreal charity video with a noticeably large pregnant belly, fans were thinking she's already given birth. However, even though is one of her besties, he's here to squash the rumors because he doesn't even know if she's given birth or not! chatted with Loose Women on Monday and said, "I don't know if she has had the baby. She has been keeping it private; there are no details."

Woah! To be honest, this is kind of shocking. Well, of course, unless is just keeping quiet and he really does know what's going on with the second One Direction baby and if she or he has made their debut yet. But we have a feeling he's telling the truth. The statement seems super adamant and this private life is one that Cheryl and Liam have stuck by throughout their entire relationship.

This isn't the first time has opened up about Cheryl's personal life. He actually admitted that her relationship with Liam is the best one she's been in yet.

He said, "I've known her for a long time and she's been in and out of bad relationships. This one seems nurturing and growing fruit — excuse the pun. So, she wants to protect the fruit by being private and intimate with her significant other."

LOL! Jokes aside, this is pretty amazing to hear because it means that Liam is the nice guy that all Directioners hoped he really was in real life. Clearly, he's a gentleman and taking good care of his lady love. As of now, it sounds like even the couple's closest friends are kept out of the loop when it comes to any details surrounding little baby Payno.

Hopefully, once finds out what's really going on, he'll be so excited it might just accidentally slip. Until then, the artist and the world are left in the dust!

When do you think Cheryl and Liam will share their baby news? Sooner or later? Let us know in the comments below!

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